UKIP is More Dangerous to Britain than Labour Could Ever Be


I know this title sounds a little far fetched for someone on the right of politics, but I absolutely believe that it is true. By no means am I suggesting that the Labour Party is good for Britain – quite the obvious actually – but what I am suggesting is that UKIP’s presence on our political landscape is adding to the problems of multiculturalism, political correctness and self hatred that have largely been implemented under Tony Blair’s Labour government.

The reason why I suggest that the UKIP is so dangerous is because it is offering false hope. The anti-EU party was significantly more conservative, and even culturist, under the leadership of Lord Pearson, though his lack of charisma and many gaffes meant that he simply had to go. Ever since Farage has return, the UKIP has spiralled into a pit of political correctness and Islamic appeasement.

Despite this, UKIP recently topped an Independent on Sunday poll as the most popular party in the United Kingdom. This shows us, not that most of Britain are in favour of UKIP, but that most of Britain are tired of political correctness and the European Union. But how is this the case, when UKIP is a beacon for political correctness these days?

UKIP is lying, that’s why. The party is libertarian. Its membership is rammed full of libertarians who, by nature, aren’t concerned greatly by immigration, and put national culture as secondary behind the free market. The average voter of course does not know this, and certainly would not support it if asked about it. Regardless, these issues are ignored by most of the media, and the party is portrayed as a solution for the average, working man.

The party is also seen as a counter Jihad solution by many, no thanks to Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League, offering his support of UKIP on Twitter. This irresponsible move has seen thousands of people flock to the party in the hope that it will discuss the issue of Islam in Britain openly and frankly.

There was a time that Farage was a little more open about the problem, as can be seen in this video, but today, the UKIP demonises folk who dare discuss Islamofascism. With the likes of EDL members proscribed from joining UKIP, it is clear that the party is afraid of being seen as a movement that opposes Islam. It is also abundantly clear that they will take any opportunity to discredit those who oppose Islam, in turn, normalising the idea that Islam is not a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom, our people and our national culture of freedom and democracy.

The reason this is so concerning is that, despite this, UKIP is growing by the day. It is clear that the party will do tremendously well in the next European elections on May 22nd , and that the Conservative Party will begin catering to right wing UKIP supporters in an effort to fend off the party. In the short term, this could mean a Britain independent from the European Union, but in the long term, it means so called ‘conservatives’ being totally oblivious to the threat of Islam on national culture.

Think about it – if a party that is seen largely as conservative and culturist is regularly attacking people who oppose Islam, then over time, this will be normalised. It will become even more commonplace for regular, patriotic people to totally ignore the threat that Islam poses, in the form of fascism at a governmental level, the rejection of manmade law an the inhumane treatment of women and homosexuals.

As rational and intelligent people, we must of course reject this, but we must work hard to ensure that UKIP does not normalise the view that these things are not a threat, which they do partly by sacking anyone who talks openly about Islam. Every day that UKIP becomes more popular, the closer we are to becoming a nation of ignorant fools who can’t see a threat that’s close enough to bomb our public transport, rape and murder our daughters.

UKIP is incredibly damaging to this nation, more so than Labour, who would simply trundle along with their multicultural policies, angering the regular people of this country as they always do. With UKIP, the regular people of Great Britain could easily be fooled into thinking that the problems they have complained about for decades now, are solved – when with UKIP policies, they simply wouldn’t be.

The UKIP offers no solution to the Islamification of Britain. It does not offer a solution to multiculturalism, and it demonises those who consider themselves to be culturist and a part of an essential counter-Jihad movement.

UKIP is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s also not a solution for the ‘short term’. Oftentimes I am told that people are voting UKIP as a ‘stepping stone’, whereby Britain can withdraw from the European Union and then other issues can be dealt with. Frankly, I think a Britain in the European Union tackling Islam is better than an independent Britain fooled by UKIP liars and multiculturalists. These issues must be tackled at the same time, if anything will ever get done. We must oppose the EU, and oppose Islam and fascism at the same time.

There’s another side to this however, and it boils down to tactics. A common argument I hear is that ‘UKIP is the best of a bad bunch’ or that ‘UKIP poses a threat to the establishment’. Whilst I can understand why some people think this way, I cant help but get infuriated when people think that this is a logical reason to vote for the party. It is absolutely not.

UKIP is not the only party that poses a threat to the establishment. The SNP also poses a threat, as does the Labour Party. The very fact that these party pose a threat does not mean that they should be trusted. UKIP may well pose a threat to the Coalition, but it would certainly be more dangerous, fooling people into a false sense of security.

For these reasons, I recognise that Liberty GB is the most important political party in the country. No other party offers a viable solution to the Islamisation of Britain, a positive culturist vision or prospects for regular working people. UKIP offers false hope, the Labour Party multiculturalism and the Conservative Party ‘modernisation’ and white guilt.

I urge any person who considers themselves culturist, patriotic, conservative or just plain ‘right wing’ to evaluate UKIP properly. What have they done to oppose the threat of Islam or multiculturalism? What have they said about those who do? What do they actually offer other than a voice about the dangers of the European Union?

UKIP is more of a danger than the Labour Party because the voters know what they’re getting with Labour. The UKIP, however, is normalising incredibly dangerous views. Not only will our children continue to be taught that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ under UKIP, but grown adults are slowly being indoctrinated by the charismatic Farage who offers nothing but cultural neutrality for Great Britain.

Myself, along with Paul Weston and Enza Ferreri will be standing in the South East of England for the European elections in May this year. We hope that you can lend us your support, your man power, kindly donate, become a member or vote for us if you live in the constituency. We’re not politicians, and we’re certainly not in this for the money. We recognise that Britain is in serious danger, and that politicians and liars in UKIP are just making things worse. Please help us, for the sake of our freedoms.

The BNP Danger: My Experiences with the Far Right


When I first became politically minded, I was in college. I was a sixteen year old who saw flaws in society just like everyone else. It was quite evident that from a young age though, that I was conservative. I’ve always had distaste for many aspects of modernity. I’ve never been too impressed by modern architecture, I’ve always detested the lie that everyone is the same, or ‘equal’ (Thatcher once made a fantastic comment about this, suggesting that we are not equal, but instead of equal value), and I’ve always believed that in order to get somewhere, one must work hard. I am a natural conservative, and I believe that modern Britain is lacking in important Christian values and respect for its own history.

At around this time of my life, my views were becoming important to me. With Britain at a social turning point after years of Blair’s New Labour, a political system that did nothing but mobilise the ultra-left and let in swarms of unnecessary immigrants, my views were certainly not comparable to the regular student mindset.

I soon decided that politics was for the path I must follow. I wanted to make a change, and a political party was necessary in order to do so. I looked at the Labour Party and saw nothing but progressive, anti-British and anti-tradition tripe. I looked at the UKIP, a party which at the time wasn’t doing spectacularly well, and then of course, I looked at the Conservative Party.

Here we had a party that was, by name, a conservative political party. A party that in the past promoted a culture of going far by working hard, and a party that believed in embracing the traditions, values and indeed the culture that we have allowed to grow organically amongst our own people within our own borders. In theory, this was the ideal party for me, but a quick look past the quirky new tree logo showed the Conservative Party for what it really was; a mirror image of New Labour.

This realisation resulted in me joining the British National Party.

The British National Party was, at the time, outpolling the UKIP quite drastically during their brief ‘boom’, namely when it came to the last General Election, where the BNP obtained more votes per constituency than the UKIP. They also appeared to be the only party around that was, not only tackling the problem of Islamic Jihad against the West and modernity, but also in with a chance of winning elections.

Despite the media having plenty to say about its policies and its members, I decided to look for myself, and I liked what I saw. Of course, here I am talking about my opinion of their manifesto – a statement of ideology that portrayed the party to be one that embraced conservative ideas. I didn’t entirely agree with their economic policies, but going solely from their manifesto, at least they were traditional conservatives. I joined, and from then on, my life changed.

At the time, I was perfectly aware of the media’s portrayal of the party, and the opposition to the party from the vile left wing organisations that, ironically claim to oppose fascism while at the same time attempt to silence those who disagree with them.

I knew full well what they were saying, but I stuck by my decision – I decided that the manifesto was the best thing to consider in a party.

After spending a number of years supporting the party, I eventually became relatively well known within it. It was only when I was beginning to be taken seriously as a thinker in the party that I realised the terrible mistake I had made.

Whilst their manifesto in some areas offered conservative solutions, the membership represented something entirely different.

Now, it’s worth me noting that this isn’t true for all members. I know many people who, like me, joined the BNP because at the time it was the only party that seemed to be tackling these issues, and are in fact delightful people. However, I soon discovered that a large proportion of the membership were not only race haters, but also conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites.

The manifesto isn’t perfect, either. In fact, its socialist principles are uninspiring, and certainly, the BNP’s take on Israel and Zionism are not only unpleasant, but entirely laughable. This is a party that represents ignorance and conspiracy theorists with regards to Jewish people establishing a homeland. Would you believe that it is not difficult to find people in that party who believe there is a global Zionist conspiracy to take over/control the world and kill the white man? I kid you not.

It was not long after I became relatively well known in the party that I started being targeted by ‘anti-Zionists’ who claimed I was a (deep breath here) ‘communist, Zionist, government state agent employed to destroy nationalism from within’. I’m not joking.

I looked past this, hoping that it wasn’t common behaviour in the party. I was soon invited by the party leader, Nick Griffin, to speak at the Alliance of European National Movements conference. I took this opportunity to push something I firmly believe in, which is that race hate must be abandoned and culture must be used as a unifying force. I announced my idea for a ‘Love culture, hate racism’ campaign. It was warmly welcomed by many in the audience, though I suspect those who warmed to it were in fact many of our European colleagues who were in attendance. The Front Nationale from France was in attendance, and I know that this is certainly an ideal that they abide by.

Soon after, I found that BNP organisers and influential figures absolutely hated my position, and were already coming up with new theories about me being a communist, Zionist Jewish state agent.

It was not long after this that I finally decided to leave. The BNP, quite evidently, was not the party for me. Not only that, but the media attention I’d received was incorrectly labeling me as a race hater and anti-Semite.

I am a traditional conservative, and I always have been. Many traditional conservatives have turned to the BNP at some point in the past, either by voting or joining, but have ultimately had the same realization as me. Not only is the BNP a socialist party, which is fundamentally against my views as a conservative, but it’s also a party packed full of anti-semites, conspiracy theories and frankly, illiterate fools.

I don’t say this to be insulting, and I certainly don’t say this to insult some of the good people I have met through the party. I say it simply because it’s true. One only needs to look at the current leader of the Salford division of the party to realise the low standards that the BNP has when choosing officials and representatives.

So, make of my past what you will, but I believe the reasoning for my involvement with the BNP relates to something that all (small c) conservatives today should be extremely worried about. Why is it that the Conservative Party is no longer a genuine conservative party, and why is it that so few seem to be so worried about David Cameron’s relentless attempts at modernising the party in an attempt to replicate the successes of Tony Blair?

The rise of the BNP and support for parties that are packed full of unsavoury people shows something that should be concerning all of us. Intelligent, sensible conservatives like myself and many others I know have been fooled by that party, and so are many regular people who are sick to death with the liberal left hold over politics.

Why is it, then, that David Cameron’s Conservative Party continues to give good people a reason to vote for parties like the BNP, which ultimately do no good? This is incredibly dangerous.

I’m sure this is nothing new to anyone who has even the most basic understanding of recent political affairs, but the problem of David Cameron began back when he was the Opposition Leader. It seemed quite clear that he was trying to appease the left in order to attract the socialist, socially-left and politically unaware voters. I believe our hoodie-hugging Prime Minister is far from progressive, but is simply too afraid to admit it and change course after his plan achieved at least relative success.

Sure, his liberal approach to conservative politics (he himself has admitted that he is a ‘liberal conservative’) may have gotten him into the halls of power, but what good is that doing for a population that is actually still rather conservative?

Think about it – not only do we have the true conservative factions of the Tory Party, but we also have a huge surge in support for UKIP, and still a relatively large amount of support for the British National Party. Most regular voters haven’t got a clue about where these parties stand economically, but socially, they recognise that they are anti-immigration, anti-modernisation, anti-European Union and pro-British identity (though, with recent UKIP policy withdrawals, I’d question UKIP’s real intentions). Take the 943,598 votes that the BNP obtained in the last European elections, and the 2.49 million votes that UKIP obtained in those same elections.

Taking into consideration the pitiful voter turnout that year, which was 34.7%, the 45 million electors, and the God knows how many Conservative voters who still have faith in a party that is increasingly less conservative, it’s pretty astounding how many people are trying to make themselves heard. Not only that, but in the last couple of months, the Liberal Democrats have been near enough wiped out to make way for the supposedly conservative option that is UKIP.

Britain’s protest vote isn’t progressive. The people in this country who are voting for real change are not looking to elect another progressive party.

David Cameron is now being thoroughly shown up not only by the UKIP (with the party having reached an average of 26% in county council election polls), but also by Ed Milliband’s One Nation Labour – arguably a result of years of bickering over Blue Labour.

Can David Cameron really not see the flaw in his ‘modernisation’ of a party? And can Conservative voters not realise why they shouldn’t be placing their faith in him?

What Conservative Party in history has ever ignored the huge threat of immigration, the radicalisation of our youth, the increasing presence of outwardly communist organisations on our university campuses and foreign powers taking undemocratic control over our own nation?

Meanwhile, David Cameron is banging on about gay marriage and why he thinks Britain should remain in the EU.

Having left the BNP, I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For a time now, the media has been portraying me as a ‘boy wonder’ or ‘saviour’ of the ‘far right’ in Britain, or a racist, fascist or whatever else. This has never been the case.

I’m conservative through and through, and looking back that the great history of the Conservative Party, it saddens me to see a party leadership that today rejects conservative ideals and makes people feel bad for disagreeing with their new progressive stances.

Can people really be blamed for turning to UKIP and the BNP? I don’t think so. I think they have every reason to be turning away from the Conservative Party.

Does that mean I think these parties are right for government? Of course not. We all know that a Conservative government that values individual liberty, the protection of our people and culture from barbarian cults, is the only party of government for this country. We certainly know that a fake One Nation front from Red Ed is not the answer, either.

My message is this – don’t blame regular people for voting for what you may deem as ‘far right’, or even joining them at some point in their life. I know many conservatives who have briefly spent time with organisations like this, before leaving for the reasons I did.

If David Cameron really wanted to tackle the problem of the rise of the ‘far right’, which he evidently does, then the party needs to make changes, or step down. Cameron needs to start promoting British values and culture, and pride in being British. He also needs to stop funding and supporting communist organisations like Unite Against Fascism, which regularly violently attack people they don’t agree with. All in all, Cameron needs to change everything about the Conservative Party, and actually bring back conservative values.

When that happens, one would hope that the radical right in the Tory party would be given the voice they deserve, and the regular conservative people of Britain finally have a viable option again. For how long do we have to rely on anti-semites to be the only ones discussing things like immigration and culture?

In the meantime, I’ll be watching with interest, and working hard with Liberty GB to help influence change. I believe that Liberty GB is a viable party for people who consider themselves traditional Tories, and who want to stand up and influence change.

Maybe, with enough people taking a stand with a sensible, conservative voice from Liberty GB, we can help push public discourse in the direction of conservatism and culturism.

Maybe, though, we’re too late.

The Case for Culturism: Creating a Conservative Long March

You may not have heard of the word, but each one of us nationalists are culturists. Culturism is an important ideology which is often overlooked, and in fact stretches back to the 1800s, with famous British poet Matthew Arnold being the first man to be openly recognised as a ‘culturist’.

The ideology can be easily described by saying that it is the opposite of multiculturalism. We all know what multiculturalism entails, and how it affects our country. But there’s a dirty secret – a secret that multiculturalists don’t want you to know.

Multiculturalists hate diversity.

Multiculturalists make a mockery out of culture by simply suggesting that culture spans no further than food, music and festivals.

It’s when you consider this that culturism gains a greater context. Culture spans much further than food and festivals. Culture has socioeconomic implications, and culturism can have social and economic government policy implications. Our culture includes rights for women, our Church, relative separation of Church and state, freedom of speech, respect for individual conscience and democracy.

We can destroy the left with their own words by constantly bringing them back to acknowledging the importance of cultural diversity.  And, every time they call us racist, we can tell them, no we’re discussing culturism, that’s about culture.  When we ask them if cultural diversity is important enough to merit discussion, and they answer yes, we have steered the conversation onto a ground where we can win.  This beats just denying we’re racist.

This will be easily done because, when you honestly discuss cultural diversity you find that our customs and traditions, our architecture, our family lives, our financial systems and pretty much any kind of institution in Britain which is comparatively different to foreign counterparts are all a part of our culture.   And, in noting this diversity we note that Britain really does have a core traditional majority culture to protect and promote.  We’re not a culturally neutral society that random cultures meet in.  We’re British and western.

Multiculturalists don’t even consider these things, and this is why culturism is so important for improving public awareness and creating a society that isn’t ignorant.

British people really should understand what culture entails.

We can show the British electorate and youth that the multicultural view of the world makes a mockery out of culture, by suggesting that the only differences in the world are food and music.

We can show the world that yes, we can reject multiculturalism and still enjoy Italian food. We can reject multiculturalism and enjoy French opera. These are western.

But, we must reject mutliculturalism because it embraces female genital mutilation and the stoning to death of homosexuals.   Western cultures have commonalities in that they believe in separation of church and state, individual conscience, and democracy amongst others.   As culturists we can protect majority western culture and traditional majority British culture as we distinguish them from Islamic and Chinese culture, which believe in few of our western values.

We can be proud to be British and be British culturists, preserving what we hold dear, whilst respecting our European neighbours, sharing what we have to offer, but at the same time keeping our nations and institutions separate and fundamentally different.

Culturism is the ideology of the people – the ideology which keeps the world so wonderfully diverse, and the ideology which reduces conflict and tension. Culturism is also the true ideology for equality of opportunity. Whilst equality doesn’t exist (as diversity means we are all different), the equal right of all nations to maintain their right to self-determination does exist. All nations are culturist, as they should be, we’re only asking that western nations get to be practice culturism as well.

Culturism and Nationalism

Culturism and nationalism go hand in hand. The two complement one another and work together.  A nation without a corresponding traditional majority culture will fall.  But currently, nationalism has a bad reputation. Not with our predominantly working class voting base, and traditional Old Labour voters, but with those who agree with basic parts of our ideology but are put off by perception created by establishment puppets in the media.

The left have succeeded in tarring the ideology with a plethora of methods. Perhaps one of the biggest has been using the holocaust as a stick to beat us with, telling us the ideology took six million lives – whilst failing to recognise that the holocaust was a result of a twisted, expansionist and bigoted regime that has nothing to do with us real nationalists. German nationalism violated the western culture traditions of respecting individual conscience.  True western culturism protects individual rights.  If the west falls, which nation will champion democracy, freedom of speech, and women’s rights?

But instead of dwelling on this, we nationalists and culturists need to do something. By no means should we abandon our nationalism, but there is no reason why we should not adopt culturism as well – and use culturism to win back public discourse in the media and in education.

We are nationalists and conservatives. We are culturists.

One must recognise that we are not just defined by one ideology. We must use ideologies and ideas alongside one another in order for us to effectively talk about current issues and solve problems – and ethnonationalism is not the solution to all of our problems. Culturism picks up where ethnonationalism is not relevant.

Culture and Race

Naturally, culture derives from a people. A people create a culture. But it must be recognised that culture and race, whilst linked, are two different things.

Culturism hates racism, and so do we. Traditional conservatives often avoid the word racist, and understandably so. But instead of just putting up with these slurs, we instead need to use the word for its real meaning. Racism is race hate, and our beliefs do not equate to race hate. We patriotic Britons and our European brothers and sisters do not hate other races, we are instead concerned with culture. Frankly, the National Culturists don’t care what colour you are. When the Chinese are culturist or the Saudi’s, it doesn’t mean they’re racist towards us.  They are protecting their culture as they should.

Culturism allows us to talk about cultural issues, like the Islamic grooming gang problem, without being called racist. Islamic grooming is a cultural issue, and has nothing to do with race. And opposing Muslim grooming gangs is not an ethnonationalist stance – it is a culurist stance, relating solely to culture and not race. Using this example, we can clearly see that by making the point that opposing Islamic grooming is a culturist cause and not a racial one, we can avoid the common misconception that our problem is with race, when it isn’t in this case and never has been.

Culturism can help us win back public discourse by separating us from racism totally. When we talk about Islamic problems in Britain, our rebuttal to claims of racism is simply this: it’s not racist, it’s culturist and if cultural diversity is real, culturism is necessary.  When we simply deny our racism, we lose.  When we steer the topic towards the reality of cultural diversity, we can win.

Of course this concept is already accepted by nationalists, but rebuttal goes no further than ‘actually, we’re not racist’. Culturism allows us to point out that talking about cultural issues has nothing to do with race and since they’re already dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, they cannot refuse to discuss culture.

Culturism, in turn, provides us with a well-needed term, and an ideology which will help us win back public discourse. These terms can easily spread. Many people agree with us, but are afraid of being called racist.  When given the words culturism and culturist and embolden to talk about the reality of cultural diversity, we will have awoken the silent majority.

More importantly, culturism could allow us to talk about this issue in the media, resulting in a true and open national discussion about this as a culturist issue and not a racial issue (because it’s not and never has been!) – as the British media continues to suggest this is a racial issue by referring to the problem as ‘Asian grooming’.

The media is being fundamentally irrational by suggesting that denouncing grooming is racist – we have a unique chance to show the people that this is a culturist issue – and with nationalism, the people will not understand. Our nationalism relates so heavily with the importance of preserving racial diversity, that the electorate assume that’s all we talk about.

Culturism and Diversity

In terms of the international community, culturism allows us to cooperate and remain separate. Culturism stresses the importance of diversity – but not the ‘diversity’ you’re thinking of. The multiculturalists try and make you believe that diversity is about forcing as many people and cultures to mix in one space. But that’s not diversity at all. That’s just the process of making every country in the world the same multicultural mess, and destroying the sovereignty of many different peoples and cultures in the world.

When we see countries losing their culture, and becoming a part of a larger ‘global community’, we see a distinct lack of diversity. The world is the same and we lose distinct cultures.

We culturists believe that diversity is real, and important. And if diversity is real and important, then culturism is necessary. 

We must not be afraid to use the word diversity. It is our word. It is not a word of the left. The left can use it, but their ideas are based on a fundamental flaw – multiculturalism flies in the face of diversity.

Culturism also allows us to work together with other nations, whilst maintaining our mutual respect. For instance, a culturist economic policy would see Britain maintaining distributist ideals, whilst our American cousins would chase the American dream in their capitalist society. Culturism does not condone forcing ideals on another land. What is good for one country is bad for another.

Culturism is the Next Step

We’ve done well to get where we are. Nationalist policies resonate with the public, but it’s not enough. Culturism is the next logical step. The ideology not only resonates with voters, but it allows us to openly discuss our beliefs without being called ‘racist’.

With culturism, we are given the opportunity to talk about how we are the ones who want to preserve individual freedoms. Culturism, for instance, opposes the inclusion of Sharia law, Sharia banks, female oppression and the violent victimisation of gays. Multiculturalists believe that the inclusion of oppressive cultures and laws is acceptable, and in turn, multiculturalists are promoting sexism and homophobia.

When we use culturism to escape endless ludicrous claims of racism, we can openly discuss cultural diversity, we can speak about how the forced integration of Islam destroys individual freedom and promotes an air of hatred in society – something we see many young people today campaigning against. Culturism, in fighting for western values, gives us common ground with those young people. This is the common ground we need to make use of – and the most effective way to do this is on university campuses.

The Left, unfortunately, have been much more successful in mobilising young people. Successive governments pandering to the left, with educational institutions abiding by left wing rules, preaching Marxist propaganda have meant that sensible, culturist and conservative ideals have been lost. But not all is lost.

Nationalism and traditional conservatism will not get anywhere if we continue like this. Universities will never allow a nationalist or real conservative presence, and without this presence, the youth will never listen. How can we expect to succeed in the future if the youth aren’t being engaged?

A culturist presence, however, can and will exist in universities. This step will allow nationalists, culturists, conservatives and traditionalists to meet and not be discriminated against in their place of study. Universities have “no platform” policies for ‘racist’ societies, but there’s no policy against culturist societies, which openly oppose race hate, and celebrate international diversity. There’s no reason why universities should stop students who celebrate identity from having a voice – but we need to act quick.

The words culturism and culturist can spread quickly on universities and immediately engage students.  Wherever universities only present multicultural courses, students can demand an equal number of culturist courses in the name of intellectual diversity.  Each time an individual professor mentions multiculturalism, students can challenge their teachers by asking if both sides will be discussed.  The culturist perspective can incite student activism.

This door is open for us now, but it’s slowly closing. Culturism is not only our solution to the ‘racism’ problem, but it’s our gateway to engaging the British youth in a way that the ideological right has never done before.

The Key to Cultural Revolution is our Youth

Ever wondered why no matter how far nationalism gets politically, we’re still plagued with constant lies about our core beliefs as racist, and militant reactions from predominantly youth-based movements? No matter how well nationalism does in future elections, we will still be plagued by these reactions. Establishment-sponsored antifa groups, Marxist student groups and ‘hip’, ‘young’ and ‘trendy’ political movements which have become fashionable amongst young people will continue to attack us.

This means more than just putting up with some abuse on the streets, and hassle when trying to make public appearances. This will in fact be the downfall of nationalism in Britain, and in turn, the total destruction of British culture and the genocide of our indigenous people.

Political gains are important, but if we’re looking for long term success, we need to tackle the root of the problem – the British education system, its slandering of all who would take pride in Britain’s traditional majority culture, the student lifestyle, ‘fashionable’ politics, modernity and political ignorance.

Now of course, it’s important to note that the universities have ways of stopping us succeeding with the youth. Without question this has been the primary reason why we have in fact never succeeded in engaging people in university. This does not, however, mean this- is the end for us. As I pointed out at the beginning of this article, conservative, culturist and nationalist ideals have been lost, but all is not lost. There are still ways that we can engage the youth in universities, even when abiding with strict ‘no platform’ policies which we are given. There are a number of factors to consider.

First of all, we need to consider the actual students and the duties that the universities have to protect those students from abuse, discrimination and harassment. That’s right, these discrimination rules can in fact work in our favour. For instance, when slanderous leaflets about myself, which compared me to Anders Breivik, were printed and distributed around campus, a simple trip to related offices on campus resulted in them being taken down and the matter looked into further.

Universities, whilst being incredibly left-oriented, are legally obliged to treat students the same. What’s more, respectful, well-mannered students will also be treated with respect, as long as they put forward ideas and opinions politely and without aggression. In my experience at university, a difference in opinion can often be welcomed by lecturers who really are passionate about debate and diversity of opinion.   And this debate will spread beyond particular classes if we make culturism a known foil to multiculturalism, consistently discussed in national discourse.

What we need to take from this is that if we are to create a counter culture movement, something like the English Defence League will not do. We need to play the system, and work our way up – and that requires us to be strict about the actions of an organisation, and the way in which it approaches issues.

The second thing we need to consider is our actual message. Now, currently, we are totally unable to have any kind of official nationalist presence on university. This is partly because of the misguided view that we condone race hate, which flies in the face of their ‘anti racist’ policies – but it’s also partly because as a movement, we have been unwilling to actually use words which already belong to us. As mentioned earlier on, words like racism, diversity and equality should not only be used by the left. These are our words. As nationalists, we oppose racism (race hate) and promote identity, promote global diversity and believe in equality for nations to benefit from self determination, by adopting the culturist position.

By openly using the words culturism and culturist, we are abiding by policies outlined by universities and student unions. In using a vocabulary that overtly has noting to do with race, we are opening up a whole new platform for culturist, nationalist and conservative views.

This isn’t to say that it will be easy – it won’t. I have been considering this concept for around two years now, and only in the summer of 2012 did I manage to pull off the first stage. It was hard work, and it still is – but it works. By taking into consideration what I have outlined above, we really do have a chance of infiltrating the universities – but we need a thorough and strict direction. This idea is the equivalent of a crowd trying to squeeze through one door. We need to form an orderly queue and do things the right way. By sticking to strict guidelines, we can create the foundations of a counter cultural movement within British universities. Without guidelines, we’ll just create yet another pointless splinter group with people looking to satisfy egos, get their face in the paper and cause a bit of trouble.

I have a plan to realise these concepts, further than I already have done with the help of a small team of dedicated activists and a larger team of supporters and members. I’m going to outline what I propose, what I have already done, and how an organisation called the National Culturists has the potential to change not only the future of British educational institutions, but the future of British politics.

Manifesting These Ideas into an Effective Movement

The National Culturists group was set up in Summer 2012 by myself. I received inspiration from American politician Dr John Press, the founder and former president of the Brooklyn Tea party. Dr Press has become known online as ‘culturist john and through his book ‘Culturism’ and his youtube videos, he has helped improve awareness about the failures of multiculturalism and the importance of culturism.

After realising how effective this word could be, I consulted with nationalist friends and created the National Culturists website. I then set about creating online content to help educate people, and recruit friends from the nationalist sphere to help me spread the word. It has now evolved into an attempt at engaging young people. We have a simple registration system, whereby supporters can show their support by becoming an official member for just five pounds, which helps us cover online advertising costs, website hosting costs, leaflet printing and placard making.

We’ve made the first steps to make this organisation necessary but we are far from ready for taking the action that is necessary.

This September, five patriotic students took to the Liverpool freshers fayre, only to be attacked by a large group of antifascists. Our tactic, however, had myself and another member leading the antifascists round in circles, whilst our secondary team leafleted the fayre without any problems.

October 2012 did not see us set up an official National Culturist society, but we were told that there should be no real issue with setting one up. This was said to me after a conversation with some of the staff from the Student Guild. As I have already outlined, the concept behind a National Culturist society does not go against the guidelines of universities and their Student Guilds.

September 2013 can and must be the time when the culturist movement achieves national notoriety, by setting up not just one, but multiple official societies within universities, and perhaps even groups in colleges. Local community culturist teams would also be necessary in order to help spread the word to the regular voter, as well as helping promote the university cause.

This will be our long march through the institutions, and it will work.

Currently, nationalism is in a political race – and while the left is nearing the finish line, the nationalists of Britain remain at the start line, discussing how its running shoes will provide a competitive advantage over competitors.

The reason for this is that we’re not preparing for the future. The old parties, along with the likes of the SWP and UAF, have been preparing for the future for decades, and today they maintain a stronghold over the youth of Britain, particularly those in education. You literally cannot move through freshers fayres without bumping into Labour societies, Liberal societies, antifascist societies and more. Their early recognition of the importance and power of the youth has put them in the position now where they can dictate who can and cannot have access to students. We have not done enough to counter this, and as previously said, this is indeed because we’ve been stopped.

The National Culturists is, in my opinion, the only way in which we can take action on university campuses. The only way we can be accepted amongst the youth of today is to actually abide by these rules, whilst sticking to our fundamental principles. You might prefer not to, but using ‘liberal’ language is the only way we can win. Young people already associate with ‘liberal’ language, and many words belong to our ideological side anyway.

And, culturism’s associating Nationalism with liberalism is a true, intuitive and simple.  If we do not save the West, all of the liberal left’s values will be smashed.  China will not defend democracy, Islam will not defend freedom of speech or gays.  Nationalist culturism, taken in a world context, is on the forefront of upholding liberal western values.

With a national organisation in place, with a team of people representing all members and supporters, and regulating activity and conduct, we will be able to manage a number of regional branches for students and non-students, as well as political student societies on campus. The regional branches would consist of experienced nationalists, who understand culturism and the direction that must be taken, and these people would be there to help the student societies work effectively.

Student societies will need to abide by rules when in university, in order for the National Culturist cause to be effective and not face criticism. We will need to be on our ‘very best behaviour’, as tiny slip ups could see our potential university societies kicked out by the university. Already, I have been threatened with expulsion for producing a documented what I believe is anti-white racism in my university. This is why an organisation and hierarchy is required. Without it, we will become yet another mess of a ‘group’, like the English Defence League, without s clear direction, with no clear action plan and absolutely no consistency to behaviour, actions and our message.

By ensuring that we simply do what the left have done, we can actually succeed. For too long we have simply dismissed the left, when in fact, we should have been learning from them. There is no shame in saying that they do things better than us – and one thing they certainly do better with is engaging the youth. Their long march through the institutions must be combated with a more effective march, which needs to start as soon as possible – and I believe the National Culturists can do this. But we need your help to succeed. Not only do we need experienced nationalists to help with organisation and with the training and guidance of young people, but we need as many young nationalists as possible to get on board and help us with the task of forming a number of official university societies in September 2013. Without this, the concept of embracing the youth with culturism is simply a concept.

To summarise, nationalism and traditional ideas will only become real competition for Marxist ideals if we do the following:

- Engage the youth.

- Use familiar language that is often associated with the left to our advantage.

- Operate a culturist organisation with a hierarchy.

- Ensure that our representatives provide a consistent message.

- Ensure that our representatives act consistently and appropriately in university. No violence, no trouble – just polite dissenting.

- Use the word culturism and culturist to stress the fundamental difference between race and culture.


The Left are Already Scared

Whilst the National Culturists has only existed for less than a year, and in that time done only a few days of action, we are already being recognised as a potential threat to the hold the left has over universities and students. Only recently, the left wing organisations ‘Extremis’ and ‘Student Rights’ have acknowledged us – with Student Rights even taking time to produce a full ‘report’ about the National Culturists.

Through the use of ‘liberal’ language and culturism, we can not only win back public discourse, but we can bypass ‘no platform policies’, engage with the media in a better light and begin the long journey ahead of us to a future with patriotic students who clearly recognise leftist bias and anti-British politics.

The interjection of the words culturism and culturist can successfully challenge the dominance of multiculturalism on our campuses and in our society.

You can read more about what we have done so far on our website The content provides clear examples of how our use of ‘liberal’ language can indeed be effective.

If you would like to help us with our cause, please get in touch via our website and tell everyone you know. We need all the help we can get. Furthermore, if you are a student in college or university, or you know people who are, be sure to get in touch or make others aware about our existence. Our movement needs more students to help our current team perform a nationwide attack on Britain’s universities in September 2013.

Democracy is Key to British Culturism

Democracy is one of the most important things about the political existence of the West. Without democracy, we would be lacking an incredible part of British and Western history. Democracy is one of the best things about living in the west, and we should all be proud of it.

To allow people to choose who they want to make decisions is what makes the West such a great place for us to live. As British culturists, we believe that the promotion and preservation of this key political concept is necessary in order for the West to survive – which is why we have to ensure that that conflicting ideologies are not simply allowed to roam free.

See, under democracy, we still have a range of political ideologies operating in the United Kingdom and the west. We have conservatives, liberals, Marxists, culturists, nationalists, capitalists, socialists, distributists, and so many more varieties. Democracy allows us to all operate on the same level, have the same opportunities and be given the chance to voice our opinion to the public – in the hope that the electorate will choose use to make decisions in Parliament.

But what do we do when ideologies that have no historical or traditional root in the United Kingdom and the West become so prominent that they pose a threat to our democratic system? Stop it, of course. Anyone who respects the west would appreciate that we need to ensure that people are all given the same opportunity to voice their opinions.

So why is it that so many young people in Britain today, and career politicians in the old parties, believe that it’s fine for us to go on living in a society that is increasingly under threat by Islamofascism?

Before I go on, I must point out this – Islam is not just a religion. One cannot compare Islam to Christianity, which is a religion that has ties and roots in the very beginning of modern Western civilisation. The Qur’an is in essence a political book, the Mein Kampf of those who do not respect the west, do not respect women and do not respect homosexuals.

It’s also important, before I go on, to say that this is not a direct attack on the right of Islam to exist. Islam is one of many religions and ideologies that exist in the world, that has the right to continue existing, given that so many people value it. It’s important that the incredible diversity of the world is preserved, but that doesn’t mean that the people of Great Britain should sit back and ignore a problem that’s becoming increasingly dangerous to the West.

Under the rules of the Qur’an, one is not allowed to make interpretations of the book, and contradictions are dealt with by the latter statement superseding the earlier. This, in short, means that the rules set out by the Qur’an which do not fit in with a liberal western society are considered the true values of the book.

So the message of this article is threefold:

First of all, democracy is under attack. The west has been at war with Islam for thousands of years, and today we face a very different threat. The threat is our own government, and left wing societies that suggest Islam can co-exist in Britain. When it can’t. Think about it – how can an ideology that suggests there should be a strict state controlled by religion fit in with a society that fundamentally believes in, at least, the relative separation of church and state? How can an ideology that says a woman is worth half a man possibly be compatible within a society that says a woman is worth the same as a man?

If we continue to ignore  the problem, then our western democracy will be put under even more pressure. Islam cannot and will not rest until the west is no longer democratic. Yes, sure, the west is wrong in pushing democracy on the rest of the world (and as culturists we believe this should end immediately), but that does not mean we should sit back and watch while our ignorance annihilates our own democratic system.

Ill thought out list of 'enemies to democracy'

Ill thought out list of ‘enemies to democracy’

The second point is that democracy is a key part of culturism. Recently, the National Culturists were features on a list of ‘enemies of democracy’ by the fascist, unpleasant, bigoted and violent group ‘Searchlight’. On the list were a number of organisations and parties which may indeed be threats to democracy – but to see the National Culturists listed there is simply ludicrous.

With groups like Searchlight, it really does seem like they look at the facts, and respond with ‘NAHHHHH!’. At the National Culturists we value only informed ideas and views, and we do not respect organisations that clearly ignore the definitions of different ideological terms.


Democracy is a key part of Western culturism.


Without democracy, we would not be the thriving, intelligent, beautiful society that we are – and as culturists we believe in preserving that. As much as Eastern culturists in places like Saudi Arabia may want to preserve their own separate systems and form of government. We believe that all countries have the right to self determination – and as westerners, we have the right and the duty to protect the democratic system.

The final message of this article is that democracy isn’t perfect. In fact, it becomes even more ludicrous to even think that the National Culturists are an ‘enemy of democracy’ when you consider that most culturists believe that democracy can be improved.

Many culturists would agree with me that the current form of democracy in Britain (representative democracy & first past the post elections) results in millions of people not being represented in their own parliament.

Think about it – out of all the parties in Britain, we only really see the main parties making decisions in Parliament. But what about the millions of people that didn’t vote for those parties? What about the millions of people who are members of other political parties?

This is why many culturists would agree with me when I say that Great Britain drastically needs change, and that change must be proportional representation. This is the only true form of democracy that represents all people.

Culturists are far from enemies of democracy. No matter what you might believe in, you deserve the right to be represented in Parliament. And in order for democracy to be preserved, and later improved, we must ensure that it survives. Which is why, as culturists, we oppose fascist ideologies that threaten this system that we hold dear.

Since When Did ‘Modern’ Mean ‘Slags and Man-Whores?’

Time and time again, you hear people making references to religion or traditional institutions – suggesting ‘well, it’s the 21st century and things have changed’…

Too often do we hear multiculturalists claiming that the destruction of a traditional majority culture is perfectly acceptable, simply because time has passed and we live in an era of modernity. It’s disgusting, but it happens – and that’s something we have to deal with in electoral terms, and in terms of a cultural revolution which could only be a matter of years away.

But today I’d like to talk relatively quickly about yet another ludicrous claim that something is acceptable because time has passed – and it refers to sex and sexuality. As a university student, I’m surrounded by masses of young people who dress like they’re confused about their gender, women who sleep with any man they find in a nightclub, and boys who think they’re men swtommy_picaggering around in chinos and weird hats in an attempt at impressing slags and taking home any woman they can find.

Today it seems that sex means nothing at all, and self respect simply doesn’t exist. I’m not here suggesting that young people shouldn’t have sex – but what I am suggesting is that the modern culture of sleeping with anyone with a pulse, grabbing STDs as badges of honour and even manipulating women into getting into bed, is not only revolting, but a sign of even worse things to come.

See, not only is this happening in pretty much every town and city in the country, but it’s being reproduced on television. Naturally, in order to increase viewers, the lifestyles of ‘modern’ young people are being reproduced and promoted on television, suggesting that the future could be even worse – as our young children are being exposed to sex at a much earlier age, and primary schools are now even discussing sex to our toddlers.

I absolutely abhor this new culture. ‘Modern’ students are taking away the significance of sex and relationships, by having what they call ‘open relationships’ or ‘pseudo relationships’. Cheating in relationships is considered the norm, and universities are no longer a place of study – but instead giant brothels with the odd lecture thrown in, full of hungover morons who’ve scrambled to put their pants back on and kick out the slag from their bedroom five minutes before hand.

Why on earth are we accepting this? Why on earth do people really accept that just because we live in the 21st century, this is acceptable behaviour? Since when did ’21st century’ mean ‘a youth full of degenerates, manipulative man whores and slags who don’t respect themselves’?.

Sex is natural, and not something to be frowned at – but sleeping with different people every night, engaging in this new culture of dressing like you’re gender confused and trtumblr_m2ipkdS9HF1rtmaqeo1_1280eating university like a swingers club is certainly something we should frown at.

As a culturist, I believe that primary schools should not be teaching sex on the curriculum. I do not believe homosexuality should be promoted on television. I believe that parents should be stricter with their children, and bring them up to respect the opposite sex (in particular, bringing up boys to actually respect women). I also believe that parents should bring up their children to dress appropriately – because being young doesn’t mean you have to dress like an idiot.

Culturist John: America’s Culturist Superhero

Dr John Press is my friend and political colleague. If you’re interested in finding out more about culturism, you can visit or John Press also has a video channel on Youtube, which can be found at

John also wrote the book ‘Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future’ which is an essential read for anyone interested.

Read below to hear from John Press himself.

John Press –

Culturism holds that majority cultures have a right to protect, promote and guide themselves. All non-western cultures are culturist. We have a right to be culturist as well.

We are losing the rhetorical debate. Injecting culturism and culturist into our vocabulary will help protect the West.

This is how culturism counters the words multiculturalism, racism, and individualism:

Multiculturalists say the West is just a random assemblage of diferent cultures from around the world. Culturism recognizes that western nations have unique traditional core cultures to protect, guide and promote. Multiculturalists ask us to “celebrate diversity.” Culturists don’t think they take cultural diversity seriously enough. At heart multiculturalists think all cultures are interchangeable and only refer to food, festivals and fashion. Culturism, the book, looks at the Aztecs and headhunters to show how diverse cultures can be. But 9/11 should have put the West on notice that not all cultures believe in democracy, individualism, the value of individual lives, the Protestant work ethic, female rights, gay rights, the relative separation of church and state or other parts of western culture. Unlike multiculturalists, culturists think the West has a core culture, think it requires protection, and take cultural diversity very seriously.

Charges of racism are used to silence all of those who would talk about the negative parts of cultural diversity. Worrying about racism makes some sense. But immigration concerns are not about race, they are about culture. Racism is stupid and dangerous. But if diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

Individualism is the third word. Culturism seeks to promote individualism realistically. If the West does not survive, individualism and individual rights will be discontinued. Individual rights being used to protect anti-social behavior can go to destructive extremes. Individual rights are now used to defile our airwaves, claim asylum and avoid culturist profiling. Being a citizen means sometimes considering what is best for the society you purport to love.

Culturism’s definition holds that majority cultures have a right to guide, protect and promote themselves. Multiculturalism has told us that the West has no majority culture to guide, protect and promote. They have also told us to stick up for it is racist. Furthermore, they seek to undermine the West iin the name of indivudal rights. To survive, the West must must be as culturist as other nations.

Protect the West, fight abuse of the word racism, stop multiculturalism, and safeguard individualism,


Earlier Immigrants Celebrate Britain – The Diamond Jubilee 2012

So, the Jubilee has been and gone – and what a weekend it’s been. Queen Elizabeth was rightfully shown complete respect, and the whole nation has celebrated her 60 years on the throne. Her commitment to the role and her wealth of knowledge have made her perhaps the great Monarch we’ve ever had.

One of the great things about Jubilee time is that the whole country seems to come together. Despite usual anti-British and pro-egalitarian politics, it seems that everybody wants to embrace British culture and celebrate Britishness – for once. I personally have been overwhelmed by the amount of foreigners that have been celebrating Britain, the Jubilee and our great traditions. Notably, however, it’s quite often the older immigrants that get involved.

There’s a very good reason for this. Nationalism continually speaks about how even though we have many racial foreigners coming to this country every year, with the intent to destroy and change – we still have many racial foreigners that are happy to vote for the BNP, support Nationalism and remain pro-British. It was nice to joke with a black man in Camden who was wearing a Union Flag hat that he was ‘in disguise’, as in his own words he was ‘obviously not British!’.

Yes, it seems that the older generations of immigrants came to Britain for a jolly good reason – because Britain was British and they wanted to be a part of that. How brilliant is that! How great would it be if the people who have already, perhaps wrongly in many cases, come to this country celebrate British culture and do not attempt to change.

The younger generations, however, are much different. This is largely due to the increased population and influx of Muslims into the country. Of course, taking the word of the Qur’an, it’s important to enforce your religion and ideology onto the country that you are colonising. These days, this is exactly what we are seeing – Great Britain is being transformed before our very eyes, and Britain will soon wake up.

This older generation of immigrants will soon be an important part of the Nationalist and Ethno Nationalist cause. People like Rajinder Singh, notorious BNP member, will be a core part of the Nationalist movement, rising up against the new generation of immigrants that are largely here to play the system and transform our country in the name of greed, selfishness, the destruction of culture and in many cases, in the name of Allah.

So let’s not blame all the immigrants – let’s blame the Establishment and the people who are aiding the cultural destruction of Great Britain. Newer immigrants are our biggest problem – and as Culturists and Nationalists, it’s important for us all (despite race – as long as racial foreigners on our side understand the concept of being an indigenous Brit and non-indigenous Brit) to come together and try and solve this problem. Hatred and fear is not the way forward – Culturists and Nationalists must unite to secure the cultural identity of the future – and the Jubilee weekend has certainly made me feel much more optimistic about the future of Great Britain.

Long live our noble Queen!