An Honest Look at the 2015 Election  

Let’s not pretend that any party that focuses on the dangers of Islam, the UK’s demographic crisis or the growing attacks on our freedoms could have possibly had any kind of positive showing in this election. UKIP received almost 4 million votes and has completely wiped out all smaller parties that might have attracted the patriotic vote. I’m talking specifically about the likes of the English Democrats, who tamely discuss radical Islam, and the British National Party, a party which we know has always focused on Zion conspiracies and scientific racism, but which traditionally attracts working class, patriotic voters.

Both the English Democrats and British National Party were completely wiped out in this election. In Dartford, 2010, the English Democrats came fourth, ahead of UKIP, with a respectable 2,178 votes. This election, Steve Uncles came behind all parties with just 211 votes. The party also contested just 32 seats, a dramatic decrease of 75 since the 2010 election. Their total votes came to 64,826 that year, and plummeted to 6,531 this election. This doesn’t reflect a bad campaign on behalf of the party, but a result of the crippling power of media-sponsored UKIP. The same is true for the British National Party.

The BNP has campaigned hard in just the 8 seats it stood this time, but the total votes for the party are completely disastrous. This election, the BNP achieved just 1,667 votes nationally – the lowest number they have achieved since 1987. Anybody who was in the UK for the 2010 election will remember the party standing an astonishing 338 candidates, and achieving 563,743 votes overall. How the mighty have fallen.

Our party, Liberty GB, is of course vastly different to the English Democrats and the BNP, in that we don’t believe in breaking up the United Kingdom, and we don’t believe in race hatred respectively. The BNP policies may well suggest they are not a hateful party, but my experiences with them tell me otherwise – but that’s for another time.

Despite these differences however, the English Democrats and the BNP attract the patriotic, nationalist and ideological conservative vote in a similar way that Liberty GB does. Our party has been hammered in these elections in exactly the same was as these two parties, and it’s clear there is one reason why – Nigel Farage’s UKIP.

This was our first ever General Election, and we performed poorly – not that we ever expected to do well. The obsessive fascists at the likes of UAF and Hope Not Hate will mock us, but it’s important that we look at these election results rationally and logically. Here are our results in full:

Dr George Whale, Lewisham West and Penge – 44 votes (0.1%)

Paul Weston, Luton South – 158 votes (0.4%)

Tim Burton, Birmingham Ladywood, 216 votes (0.6%)

It’s blatantly clear that UKIP is the reason why we, and other patriotic parties, have performed so badly. Take Luton South for instance – in 2010, 1,299 people voted BNP, beating UKIP’s 975. This time, UKIP polled an astonishing 5,129 (12.1%), and the BNP didn’t even stand. The vote of the white working class who are concerned about Islamisation is clearly moving towards UKIP, not as a result of UKIP’s counter Jihad policies (which they don’t have), but because white working and middle class are absolutely desperate for change and accepted that UKIP may have been the best of a bad bunch.

So what can we learn from this? It’s evident that there is very little we can do whilst the UKIP train is still powering full steam ahead. In the meantime, we must build a solid Liberty GB base, work from the grassroots and prepare ourselves for 2020. UKIP will either become an irrelevance, or start talking more about third world immigration and Islam, once we have our in/out referendum on Europe in 2017. A win or lose will mean that UKIP has no reason to exist anymore, and if it wishes to stay relevant, it will need to talk about the issues that the party demonises, but which people care about – namely the demographic crisis, Islam and third world immigration.

This I why we at Liberty GB have hope for the future. Do not be disheartened – we stood in the 2014 and 2015 elections because the party was formed just before them. We were almost obliged to take part (as is the nature of a political party), and it did give us good media attention. We have had astounding international coverage, sizeable national coverage from the likes of the Daily Mail, and we’ve even appeared on national British TV. This is a good start, and for a two year old party, I think we’re doing incredibly well.

I’d like to thank Paul, George and Tim for bravely standing in these elections. I’d also like to thank all of our members for their support, and I’d like to ask that anybody who supports us sticks with us. Our time will come. UKIP cannot last forever and Liberty GB is the only party in the country run by academics and intelligent professionals which tackles the important issues. If UKIP comes round to our way of thinking, that’s great, but if they don’t, we’ll be ready to pick up the torch for the people of Britain.

Now that UKIP has achieved its 4 million votes, it’s time for patriots to come and work with Liberty GB to prepare for the 2020 election. This is really the fight for our lives and there is no longer an excuse to support the ‘lesser evil’ UKIP, now that these elections are over for another five years.